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2023 Gift Guide!

We took a deep dive into the world of tabletop puzzle games this year, and we're sharing our favorites along with a few other giftable goodies that found their way into our lives this year.


Image from PostCurious website.

Light in the Mist

In this narrative puzzle tale by PostCurious and Jack Fallows, you will find yourself immersed in a storyline that evolves alongside gameplay that fits seamlessly within the fiction of the world. With elegant puzzles, a compelling storyline, and the tactile delight of dealing tarot hand after tarot hand, Light in the Mist is simply a must play.

Good to know: Good things, like this game, come in small packages which are easy to pack.


Image from RuffBluff Kickstarter page.

Ruff Bluff: A Furlock Holmes Mystery

If you think you can find a more doggone witty puzzle game, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Ruff Bluff: A Furlock Holmes Mystery, created by Trapped Escape Rooms, is a delightfully charming whodunnit that, you guessed it, is themed around our furry canine friends. We’ve never been so happy to read a newspaper's worth of puzzle text!

Good to know: Though adult support is required, Ruff Bluff is a great game to play as a family!


Mother of Frankenstein, Volume 1

Created by the talented folks at Hatch Escapes, Mother of Frankenstein, Volume 1 is the first chaper in a three-volume narrative puzzle series inspired by the life of Mary Shelley. With the most story-driven puzzle craft we have seen in a box game to date, the variety of tactile puzzles and strangely familiar storyline make this game a delight.

Good to know: The entire series takes an estimated 12-18 hours to complete, so if you’re looking for something to fill the holiday time void, and have some expendable cash, grab the entire series!


Image from Dreams website.


If you are a fan of puzzle-hunt style games and own a PS4 or PS5, then do yourself a favor and get LOCK, available through the Dreams platform. With immensely clever puzzles that build as you progress and a meticulously crafted world with layers upon layers of puzzle-y goodness, it’s a triumph of digital puzzle design. Don't miss this hidden gem!

Good to know: Check the rotating free library on the Dreams platform to see if you can nab this one at no cost.


Image from Ember website

Ember Warming Mug

Up your beverage game with this bluetooth-enabled warming mug. Program your perfect temperature for coffee or tea and stay perfectly caffeinated while you toil away on puzzle-y goodness. There are even multiple colors and sizes to choose from!

Good to know: We found the metal versions to be too heavy for our liking, and we definitely recommend getting an extra charging coaster to keep at your desk.


Image from Amazon listing.

Rotating Puzzle Tray with Cover

Of all the puzzle sorting and storage options out there, we think this is hands down the best all-in-one we’ve seen. It’s easy to move for when you get kicked off the dining room table. It rotates, so no more arguing over who has the best view of the puzzle. The drawers make sorting a breeze. And the cover makes it (mostly) cat proof! There are several variations available on Amazon, so shop around.

Good to know: We went with the 1,000-piece version which fits easily under the couch for year-round storage. There are several variations available on Amazon, so shop around.


Trivium Goodies

Do you have a Ghost Patrol fan on your list this year or know someone who needs a little more adventure in their life? Our online swag shop is always open and we also have digital and physical gift cards available in multiple denominations.

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