Playing with Kids

Ghost Patrol is a perfect family escape room outing. The puzzles and activities were designed with adults in mind but patrollers of all ages love the lively music, tactile gameplay, and interactive sound and lights. Ghost Patrol will challenge your wit and cunning — no matter your age. Even if most of the solving will be done by adults we’ve found that kids as young as 11 or 12 can make meaningful contributions to the gameplay, and we’ve seen 9 year olds have ah-hahs that their parents missed. 


Even if younger kids are leaving the puzzle solving to the rest of the family, they can still participate — making sure buttons are pushed, knobs are turned and that no corner goes unexplored. Younger children (under 10) can feel like part of the action in a bigger way with our Junior Patrollers scavenger hunt at no extra cost. Children are given a personalized top secret packet describing their mission at the start of the game, and earn a small prize at the end. Just let us know the names of any Junior Patrollers playing with you on your booking form and we’ll do the rest. 


We can’t wait to see all of you at Trivium Games, and we are excited to make Ghost Patrol an unforgettable adventure for the whole family!



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Emeryville CA, 94608

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Trivium Games, LLC is founded by Greg deBeer, Brian Mendenhall, Jennifer Mendenhall, and Jesse Morris. The team has been crafting interactive puzzle adventures for more than a decade. Together they bring a wealth of professional experience in the fields of audio engineering, visual effects, design, and computer science.